In 2002, we were 3 young foolhardy, just graduated from university and wanted to start a business in textiles. It was crazy for others and our desire wouldn't last long. Our main ambition was to export textiles to Europe however we didn't know where to start. Then a miracle happened and we met a man who has contacts in Germany and they need cheerleder uniforms. We had no idea what a cheerleader was but that was the opportunity we were waiting for. We started searching for the ways to produce it, the fabric, borders, application; at first it seemed impossible, but we had no way out, we had to do it. And we did it!

Now ANTCheer is a 10 year old company. We are not 3, just 2 of us left and not young anymore. But we still have the first ambituous spirit and faith in our business. It's so cheerful to work with cheerleaders and be a part of their enthusiasm. They inspire us to be better and we are trying to make the best for them. Thank you all for being with us.





Mert Kocakurt/Founder:

Studied: Business Administration in Izmir

Area of responsibility: Operating the production process. (The one at the back stage)

Melis Celikkilinc/Founder:

Studied: English Language and Literature in Istanbul

Area of responsibility: Contact person - customer relations. (The one at the front stage)